Find Sugar Daddy for Free!

When you find a sugar daddy, if you don’t feel confident about asking him for things, just focus on making him happy. You can always ask in a more subtle way. Try making a list of things you would like to have or do and leave it somewhere you think he’ll find it, like in your bedside drawer, if he’s the curious type.

If you are bold and straight to the point, then when you find a sugar daddy, you can just ask him straight out if he will get you what you want or need. If it is something that will enhance your relationship, like a weekend trip to Paris, just tell him that you’ve always dreamt about kissing the man of your dreams under the Eiffel Tower. If he wants to please you, or is a romantic himself, he will surprise you spontaneously and grant your wish. If you have more of a “give me” attitude though, he will soon lose interest.

If you give him your love and attention, he will be your free sugar daddy. Sugar daddies love being doted on by their sugar babes.

Another thing to keep in mind if you want a free sugar daddy, is to be clear what age bracket you are eligible to date, and what age you are looking for in a guy. Older men often have particular ideas about traditional dating and keeping things classy. They also believe in the man taking the lead and the woman just being beautiful, funny and charming.

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