Tips for Sugar Daddy Dating

If you want to date a millionaire, there are a few things you have to keep in mind. Be specific about what it is you are looking for. Let your prospective dates know from the start what you want to get out of the arrangement. If they are looking for the same thing, they will continue, if not, it’s better not to waste your time and energy. There’s no point in spending months trying to date a rich man who is looking for marriage when all you want is an expensive, fun time.

If you are looking for sugar daddy dating, then be confident, classy and sexy. Hang out at places that attracts men with influence and money. Try an airport lounge. If you have money to travel, but not enough to have a premium ticket, then you’re better off coughing up the pass charges to gain access to the lounge. The men you are likely to meet there have the miles to prove they’ve got the means for sugar daddy dating.

Swanky 5 star hotel bars is a common hunting ground when you are looking for someone with money. Just be sure to dress classy, so you aren’t mistaken for a tramp or worse. Buy yourself a drink at the bar. If you are at a table, it may look like you are waiting for someone, and no men will approach you.

Charity functions, horse racing or polo matches are other places you are likely to find men with money. If they are alone – they are fair game!

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