The BandB Mutually Beneficial Handbook Part 2

While “Babes”/”Billionaires” relationships have been around forever in one form or another, the internet has put them in the spotlight and drawn more attention to these relationships than ever before. Similar to traditional dating websites, sites such as have allowed Wealthy men/women (“Billionaire) and “Babes” to connect with each other like never before. These sites have become so popular there are even travel sites that focus exclusively on particular niches which cater to those looking for luxury travel vacations with a sexy travel companion. Setting up on these sites is simple, you simply create a profile and can be up and running in as little as five minutes. also provides an extra layer of security to the “recipient”, as they can get to know their potential Lover/Mentor/Spoiler online before deciding to meet in person.
Mentor/Mentee relationships are not without their own sets of complications however, even in these types of relationship, Sex is generally (though not always) an integral part of these relationships,

It is important to differentiate a mutually beneficial relationship from escorting or prostitution. While sex is a major part of these relationships, the key word is RELATIONSHIP. Prostitution is based on a straight sex for money transaction, with the cost being determined primarily by duration, and the customers are complete strangers. In a mutually beneficial relationship, the “Babe” agrees to begin a relationship with a particular benefactor. Like any real relationship, sex is a major component and often expected and understood, but at any point the “Babe” is free to end the relationship. In a traditional relationship it is expected that the man provides for the female and seduces her by showing wealth and the means to support, in a “B and B” relationship there is just no beating around the bush. At its core a regular relationship is exactly the same as mutually beneficial relationship, only in the latter both parties are aware and up front about exactly what they want. No more pretending that you are looking for something that you really are not; now both men and women can get what they are looking for without it having to affect their current lives and or lifestyle.

I appreciate The Beautiful young women that come to me for Advice and Answers. We at BandB want to make your dating experience a very enjoyable and fruitful venture… Looking forward to hearing from you!!