Vacation Guide with your “Billionaire” – pt. 1

Guide to the perfect Vacation with your “Billionaire”

One of the best experiences you will encounter if you haven’t already is when your “Billionaire” (we will call them Bills from here on out) takes you on a business trip, or just a getaway…

I have put together a few simple yet essential rules…if you want your Bill to ask you to join him next time…follow these rules.. You both will have an amazing time.

And remember to be a pleasant distraction… These men live high pressure hectic lives and the last thing they want is a selfish brat with a sense of entitlement; spoiled brats are a dime a gets old reeeeeal quick.. He can find a “brat” anywhere.

1. Drama Free

Whether or not, your Bill has a wife at home… remember there is a reason he is seeking refuge in your arms… if he doesn’t have a wife at home, he does have an Ex.. and she is his EX for a reason. Be calm, relaxed, and confident and let him see that you have common sense.. If he should bring up a stressful situation or seems to be trying to instigate drama, He may sub-consciously be testing you… Calm him and let him know that you are there for him and to make his life a better place to be even if it is only while you are away together.

2.) Be excited and exciting!!

When your Bill sees your eyes shine and glow with happiness and excitement, He gets a kick out of it.. He is thinking to himself I gave that to her… I gave her that happy twinkle in her eyes. He is experiencing it all anew through you… His gift of happiness in turn gives him something as well. And when a man knows that he made his baby feel that way.. He feels good.. and after all isn’t that what we want?

3.) Show your gratitude.

Some girls think it’s cute to be a bitch or act spoiled as if nothing anyone does is good enough… If you think that strategy makes someone try harder you are wrong!!! The way I see it, is that Daddie could’ve taken anyone and he chose me… I am going to do everything in my power for him to truly know that I am grateful for his caring, his generosity and his time.

more to come…