Vacation Guide with your ”Billionaire” – pt. 2

4.) Learn him

Pay attention and listen learn how he likes his coffee and how to prepare his drinks Find his natural allure and compliment it… when a couple has a good fit… and their minds and souls are synchronized it will much easier for him to relax and be confident that you will do the right thing in all situations. When you are alone together the comfortable silence is a beautiful thing to share.

5.) Do not ask him to buy anything for you.

Your man is taking you on a nice vacation … he is going to wine you and dine you. Do not expect anything else… if any extras come along they will be a pleasant surprises. My Bill was and is exceptional… I have CC’s for emergencies and needs. I NEVER take advantage of trust his kindness and generosity.

6.) Compliment Him.

And I do not mean verbal.. Oh you look great tonight…While this is always nice for him to hear… it is NOT enough . Make him look good , be his best feature his greatest accessory. Be a woman’s woman, be pleasant, charming, confident… No matter where he is in the room make sure he knows that you are still right next to him. make eye contact…flirt undercover with him. Bill is an attorney and no matter where we went.. Before we were in the midst of people.. I would whisper in his ear… “whenever our eyes meet tonight… remember all I can think about is you inside of me” Never failed when we got back to the room we were beyond turned on.. Also let him see that you get along with anyone. NO JEALOUSY ALLOWED!!!

7.) Give him room to breathe.

If your Bill is married, respect his privacy if he needs to make a “phone call” take a walk and tell him to call you when he is done .He will appreciate your thoughtfulness more than you will ever know…Or if he promised you a sightseeing day and one of his friends calls and tells him, at the last minute, that tee time is in an hour… Tell him to “please go and have a great time” and… that you “will read a book by the pool or hit the spa.”

See the secret is that if you are apart it gives him time to miss you.. Greet him with a bubble bath and oral talent.

8.) Respect your Bill and respect yourself

Think before you speak… and make sure he knows that you draw the line at disrespect.

Thanks for reading….

Bon Voyage