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Membership and service FAQ - Babes and Billionaires

Contact, Membership and Billing information:

How do I contact you?

How do I cancel my membership?

How much does membership for BabesandBillionaires.com cost?

How do I pay with a money order or cashier's check?

What will my bill say?

Is my information private?

Of course! We value your privacy as highly as you do, and would never share your information with anyone. All data is saved in our database behind a secure network, and all e-commerce data is encrypted.

BabesandBillionaires.com User Interface Questions:

How do I log in?

Why isn't my username and password working?

How do I add someone to My Flirts/My Little Black Book?

Why can't I upload any images?

Why wasn't my profile approved?

Why was my profile deleted?

What will happen if I advertise my services (example: escort, dating services) on BabesandBillionaires.com?


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