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How to Find Your Billionaire

Things like Lavishing Villas, Luxury cars, incredible vacations, diamonds etc are accessible if only if you are a billionaire yourself or a billionaires' wives or a celebrity. You may wonder how on earth you can date a billionaire in real life. Though this article do not guarantee that after reading it you will find a billionaire to date but it will definitely assist you to find a place where the chances of dating a billionaire improves.

Different Ways To Meet Billionaires

  • Joining Billionaire Dating Sites: Certainly the easiest way of dating a billionaire is to join niche dating sites like www.babesandbillionaires.com etc. Though hundreds of singles only join such website's services because they desire to meet money-wise stable matches but they can possibly provide false data in order to attract more people to their account. However, there are some sites who verify the information or do the backgrounds check before allowing any account creation on the site.
  • Search for Billionaires: A large amount of the dating sites offer superior search technologies also having options of checking annual income. Though this field is not mandatory while registration but one can try this option for refining billionaires and getting yourself loads of potential dates with concrete salary.
  • Being a Frequent Visitor: Places such as 5 Star Hotels, Polo Clubs, Yacht Clubs, Charity Gatherings or Auctions, Golf courses, etc. If you are worthy enough you will surely catch their attention.
  • Magnetizing the Billionaires: Appropriate dressing and gorgeous looks will do wonders for you. Always try and look classy and not cheap. Avoid over expose or wearing tight clothes. It's not compulsory to wear designer clothes. Sophistication, simplicity and well groomed look will definitely work for you. Elegant women are always preferred by Billionaires.
  • Let Billionaires Crave to Date You: You can surely turn the table that means instead of chasing billionaires make the billionaires chase you. But the question immediately comes to mind what to do for making it happen. Even though it's sounds strange but is achievable. What you need to do is to join as many dating sites as you can but it's always better to focus on more promising sites. Then write about yourself, your date requirements in the profile section. Try to be specific and clear about your dating wishes. The personal description will have a lesser response rate but the definitive responses quality will be much higher.
  • You can Buy ad: It's a little fanatical idea but if you are really passionate about dating a billionaire and want to catch a billionaire eye. Even wealthy people browse internet. You can buy advertising space on sites which are popular among affluent people buy contacting advertising agencies. The ad needs to be attractive and convincing.

Dont's When Dating Billionaire After succeeding in catching a billionaire what things you should avoid are as follows:
  • Avoid any discussions regarding money or finance related topics. Try to talk about general topics and interests.
  • If possible, you can chip in some parts of the date as it highlights your independence and dignity.
  • Try to behave normally during the date as you will if dating a non-billionaire. Be confident as it is always classy and sexy.
  • Everyone wishes for an intelligent, interesting, confident and fun date; Try to be one. Go prepared since billionaires like talking about cars, sports, fashion, etc. Never ever act like a gold digger.
  • Be patient and give time to your relationship.
  • The center point is that there are numerous millionaires and billionaires all around the globe still single and ready to mingle. Hence, it's not that hard to catch one if you have guts to search and handle one.